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Where is the best spot to put your pond

Most people, in the Villanova, Montgomery County & Bucks County, Pennsylvania (PA) area, think the lowest spot in the yard is the best place to put a water feature, but it is actually one of the worst places. Runoff from your lawn can enter your pond, causing algae and dirty water. Having it close to your favorite outdoor space, or where you can relax and enjoy your pond, is a more important factor in choosing a location. Being able to see the feature from multiple windows of your home allows for 365 days of enjoyment, even when you are not outside.

Basic upkeep of a pond: 1, 2, 3 & 4 of pond ownership

On your average week of pond ownership, there are a few things we recommend to keep your pond looking and functioning at its best. The first thing is to lift the lid on your skimmer box to check for debris buildup. In the summer months, there are very light accumulations, while in spring and fall the need to empty your skimmer basket is greater. The second thing, to check is the level of your pond water. During summer months evaporation is greater so the pond will need to be topped off more frequently, to avoid this an auto-top-off valve can be added. Trimming your aquatic plants is not necessary but can be done if you choose. In addition, adding beneficial bacteria weekly helps keep your ecosystem filter working efficiently. Lastly, but certainly not the least, and definitely the most enjoyable, is feeding your fish! All in all most customers put in about 5-10 minutes a week towards maintenance.

Benefits of an ecosystem pond vs other types

What do you think of when you are asked to picture running water? Do you think of local creeks or streams? These streams are a living ecosystem with rock, gravel, plants, fish, and most importantly water. When we build an ecosystem pond in your backyard we add all of these things together to mimic a larger ecosystem. You feed your fish, the fish waste, which contains nitrates, makes its way to the gravel, the gravel houses beneficial bacteria that break down fish waste into nitrates, your plants remove nitrates from the water and give you pops of color. It's a lot to think about but the important thing to remember is everything in an ecosystem pond works together, without one the others perish. If you remove your gravel and rock from your pond you remove the area for beneficial bacteria to live as well as expose your liner to harmful UV rays from the sun which diminish its lifespan.

Importance of plants

Next to beneficial bacteria the second most important aspect of a pond is the aquatic plants. Having something to soften the edges around your pond allows for a seamless transition into your landscape making you feel like it was meant to be there. The plants remove nitrates from the water before they can build up and cause algae blooms and fish stress. Plants like water lilies provide shade to keep your pond cool and protection from herons.

Reasons for choosing this option

There are many reasons why, having Philadelphia Waterscapes, install an ecosystem pond in your Villanova, Montgomery County & Bucks County, Pennsylvania (PA) area backyard is a great idea. It's a beautiful addition to your landscape, it can help you relax after a long day, or it can be a calming area to hang out in compared to the stresses of the outside world. Another reason to install an ecosystem pond is that it can be beneficial to many of the animals and other creatures that live in your area, birds, butterflies, and many other creatures can use your ecosystem pond as an oasis.

List of add-ons to your pond: fish cave, intake bay, wetland filter

Rather than having confusing pond packages with different upgrades, we start your design process with a standard ecosystem pond. Once we get into the placement of your pond and get a feel for what you desire out of your new piece of paradise, we can start adding upgrades to your ponds, such as interaction stones, longer waterfall streams, and things to further reduce maintenance like wetland filters. Our most popular additions are fish caves, aquatic plants, and LED lighting. While some of these upgrades may be added later, the LED lights are a sure way to enjoy your new addition, even when the sun goes down.

LED Lighting

Have you ever come home, after dark, from a long day at work and just want to relax? Sitting next to your pond listening to the sound of running water is surely relaxing, but wouldn't you rather see the glowing waterfalls and the ripples of light shining through the water onto your fish? With 1, 3, and 6-watt lights, we can customize a lighting package that best suits your pond and your lifestyle. Have a lot of outdoor parties? Maybe consider adding a few more lights so your guests can share in the enjoyment.

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