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Basic maintenance

  • While your weekly maintenance takes 5-10 minutes there are some things that will take longer when it comes to maintaining your pond correctly. Rinsing your mechanical filters 3 times per year allows your biological filtration to work efficiently. If this simple task is not performed the life of your pump and filter pads will be decreased. We offer Spring Pond Cleaning, Summer Maintenance, Fall Netting, and Winter closings as part of our maintenance schedules.
  • Spring Pond Cleaning- Dependent on weather these cleanings start in April. The pond will be drained down and cleaned of built-up debris, filters serviced, and inspected for issues. Beneficial bacteria will be added.
  • Summer Maintenance- Trimming of aquatic plants, filters serviced, and feature inspected for issues. Beneficial bacteria will be added.
  • Fall Nettings- Before your trees start dropping their leaves a net is installed over the top of your pond, aquatic plants trimmed back, filters serviced and inspected for issues. Beneficial bacteria will be added.
  • Winter Shutdowns- Once leaf cleanup has taken place on your property your net will be removed and bundled up for storage at your property. Aquatic plants will be cut back for winter and cold water bacteria will be added.

Maintenance packages

Deluxe Spring Pond Cleanings

Bronze Maintenance Plan: Three visits to cover basic pond filtration maintenance (Deluxe Spring Cleaning, Fall Netting, Winter Closing)

Silver Maintenance Plan: Four visits to cover each season (Deluxe Spring Cleaning, Summer Service, Fall Netting, Winter Closing) Auto Dosing System and maintaining water treatments included

Gold Maintenance Plan: Same as Platinum Plan, except once-a-month comprehensive service

Platinum Maintenance Plan: Twice-a-month comprehensive service May-October, once-a-month November-March; Clean and Maintain the filtration system; Trimming of aquatic plants; water testing and observation of fish health; Addition of bacteria and water treatments as needed; Winter peace of mind; Auto dosing system and maintaining water treatments included

Importance of maintenance

  • Keeping up with your pond maintenance keeps things functioning properly. A simple 5-minute task can save you hundreds of dollars in the future. Without checking your skimmer basket, leaves may build-up preventing the water from supplying the pump with water. If you ever see air bubbles coming out of your waterfall box you need to check your skimmer basket and water level immediately. An overheated pump may be upwards of $1,000 to replace. Less consequential but still important is keeping up with beneficial bacteria treatments and plant trimmings, these two aspects of your pond work in conjunction to keep your pond healthy and clean.

Keeping up with maintenance prevents things from snowballing

  • 5-10 minutes a week of upkeep on your pond prevents the need for an all-day adventure of maintaining your pond. If plants are left to die back and fall into the water, your skimmer basket clogs, or your water level drops may result in the need for a service call or an expensive pump replacement.
  • 5 minutes a week lets you enjoy your pond for hours

5 minutes a week lets you enjoy your pond for hours

As with all other home systems, your Montgomery County & Bucks County, Pennsylvania (PA) area outdoor pond and water features require regular maintenance for optimal performance, functionality, and enjoyment. Your maintenance needs may change depending on a number of factors — the size of your pond, its location, and its individual features all play a part in the upkeep your water feature will require. As the slightest change to a small aquatic ecosystem can produce a major impact, we pride ourselves on working closely with all of our customers in the Villanova, PA area to develop a customized maintenance plan to meet the specific needs of your aquascape, and your budget.

Our basic maintenance plan will include checking your pond’s hardware, cleaning the debris basket and filter pad, checking and fixing any shifted rocks in your pond or waterfall, checking your pond’s liner edges, and adding any necessary water treatments. We also offer additional add-on services that include the clean-up of gravel around pond edges; the removal of algae from water streams; fertilizing, trimming, and propagating aquatic plants; and replenishing your fish food supply.

As well as regular maintenance, it’s also important to prepare and protect your pond or water features with regularly scheduled seasonal services throughout the year. This helps with the ongoing performance of your aquatic features and prevents any possible issues arising with your equipment. To assist you in meeting these seasonal needs, we provide spring, early autumn, and winterization service plans for customers in the Villanova, Montgomery County & Bucks County, Pennsylvania (PA) area.

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