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The process

If you have a water feature, in the Villanova, Montgomery County & Bucks County, Pennsylvania (PA) area, that is having issues, needs to be moved, or just needs a facelift, Philadelphia Waterscapes can help!

You can give us a call or submit an information form here on the website, to get started. Once we know the situation, we can better help you get back to enjoying your water feature. We can give our recommendations over the phone, or come out for an in-person consultation.

What do we do with your fish

On both pond cleanouts and pond renovations, we remove your fish and hold them in 500 or 1000 gallon holding pools. These pools are filled with your existing pond water to keep your fish happy and healthy. We also add in an aerator with multiple air stones to provide enough oxygen to your fish while we renovate their home.

Starting over vs patching issues

Just like cars, some ponds may have issues that never seem to go away. You may have service done on your pond to fix an issue but nothing seems to do the trick. While we can fix many things on your water feature there are some things that just need to be replaced. Something like a hole in the plumbing pipe can easily be fixed but other things like a low liner in a waterfall may need more than a quick fix. Every case is different, some issues can be fixed by renovating part of the feature while other partial renovations may cause more headaches in the future.

Age of a pond factor

The older a pond gets the likelihood of issues arising becomes greater, your pond, here in the Villanova, Montgomery County & Bucks County, Pennsylvania (PA) area, has not only been through freezing winters but harsh summers as well. As time goes on the plastic materials commonly used on pond installations will degrade. While these pieces still have life left in them, reusing these plastic components is usually not an option. Reusing old components will just stave off the inevitable, components will need to be replaced at some point and it is better to replace them before they cause more issues in the future.

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