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How it works

A great option to lessen the amount of runoff coming from your property, in the Villanova, Montgomery County & Bucks County, Pennsylvania (PA) area, is to install a rainwater harvesting system. This works by installing a catch basin under one or multiple downspouts and connecting them to a large underground storage unit. This storage unit can be made customized by size and shape to fit almost anywhere, even under a driveway! This storage unit is typically topped with a fountain, there are tons to choose from, to recirculate the water while it is being held. You can connect a garden hose to this feature in order to use the water in many ways around your property including watering your landscape or washing your vehicles.

How it can be integrated into a pond

Incorporating rainwater harvesting into ponds and pondless waterfalls is also an option. There is a minimum size basin that is needed to run a pondless waterfall but never a maximum, if there are thirsty plants in your landscape a larger storage basin could be greatly beneficial for you and the surrounding ecosystem. Using city tap water that contains chlorine and chloramines can actually decrease the amount of microbial life in your soil, using rainwater avoids this issue and your plants will benefit from the thriving life in the soil.

The need for a fountain topper

One of the most important components of a rainwater harvesting system is the need for a recirculating fountain. This fountain not only brings movement and sound to your landscape, in the Villanova, Montgomery County & Bucks County, Pennsylvania (PA) area but provides the ability to use the water as needed. The pump that runs the fountain will send water to your garden hose with the turn of a valve. Having the stored water constantly moving prevents it from building up a smell or becoming stagnant.

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